Three Thrills by Thursday


Recently, I’ve been looking for little ways to beat the winter blues. In the spring & summer, I love to drive with the sunroof open listening to music however my commutes have seemed extra mundane lately. I started listening to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations during my commutes which has been such a pleasant boost in my day. First of all, we can all agree Oprah is queen but I love her thought provoking interviews with other interesting humans. I highly recommend listening if you have time to kill during a commute or even just want to play it through your headphones or even over a speaker while you shower. Really incredible.


Speaking of winter blues, if you live anywhere that has a winter season, you’re most likely Vitamin D deficient. Lately, I’ve been taking Olly’s Hello Sunshine to supplement the lack of sunshine. Vitamin D deficiency can disguise itself as fatigue and an overall funk. Hello!? Our bodies miss the sun! Highly recommend these gummy vitamins and they taste sooo good! Also, I cant stress this enough- stay hydrated!!


A few weeks ago I wrote about resolutions for 2018. One of mine is putting down all electronics 30 minutes before bed, which happens to be a routine of a few highly successful people. Man Repeller tested six bedtime habits of successful people and reported back on how it went..


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