Cleveland Nostalgia

Happy Tuesday, friends. I have some exciting news to share.. I have accepted a job on the east coast and will be headed that way pretty quickly. I am ecstatic about this new adventure but can’t help but have bittersweet emotions about the city I’ve grown so attached to.. it’s left me feeling a little bit nostalgic about..

Cleveland. Lovingly described as the mistake by the lake…

Well.. certainly not by anyone who’s lived here. During the last 8 years that I’ve called this city home, the city has gotten a pretty big face lift.. and maybe even a heart transplant, too. Let me explain. Yes, the city has grown. New buildings have gone up, old buildings have come down but the heart of this city? The people. We truly LOVE this city and we’re proud to be Clevelanders. Together, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve been heartbroken over “the decision” and rejoiced over “the return,” we’ve seen the Flats revitalized and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day better than anywhere else. We’ve shed tears of pride over the Cavs together commercial during playoffs, stormed The Jake (I said it) on opening day and cheered on the Browns from the muni lot even though we know “there’s always next year.”

So what if our river caught on fire?! It was one time! We’ve got museums to rival some of the best in the country, restaurants that will blow your mind (Z. Bruell & Michael Symon, I’m looking at you) and a theater district comparable to NYC. Let’s not forget that we literally built this city on rock & roll.

When I travel and meet someone new, frankly, I’m annoyed when people wince after asking where I’m from. There is no need to pity where I’m going. To quote a fellow Clevelander, MGK, “Bitch, I’m from the Land!”

In Cleveland, we take the saying “work hard, play hard” very seriously. Nothing is given & everything is earned. We are conditioned to prove ourselves, even though our sports teams are still trying. Best of all, we’re kind to one another; giving the Midwest the best reputation. And despite the constant struggle of east side versus west side, let’s be honest, no one can deny both have their strong points.

If I was going to list all the things I love about Cleveland, this post would be miles long, so I’ll keep it short. This city has given me an incredible education, friends who have turned into family and endless adventures that will keep me giggling for years to come.

I may not live in this resilient city much longer but I’ll still wear my Cleveland Clothing Store gear and dream about brunch at Townhall. I’ll miss singing at the top of my lungs at Tina’s and running into fellow JCU alum at every turn. Like we always say, New York may be the Big Apple, but Cleveland is the plum. Ohio against the world!

Clevelanders, please keep exploring this amazing city. Do it for me. Do it for yourself.


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  1. Mom
    March 11, 2016 / 8:41 am

    Words cannot truly express how proud I am of you! On to the next chapter, I can’t wait to see it play out!

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