Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends! You’ve made it through the majority of the week and closer to the weekend. Here are my three thrills for the week:

  1. In the most obvious study ever, scientists are proclaiming cheese may be as addictive as drugs…. duh. I’m not sure how this wasn’t discovered until 2015. I like to categorize cheese as a “simple food” because you don’t really get tired of it. Think you can quit this addictive habit? Gouda luck.

Sorry guys, I had to.

Okay no more cheesy puns.

Okay, that was the last one I swear. Sorry.

2. Many celebrities, when asked their beauty secrets, admit how serious they are about their sleep. Time has released how to get a better night’s rest. PS. I’m totally laughing at all of you who have made fun of me for taking what I like to call a “disco nap.” It totally refreshes you so you can have a fun night out and not start to drag circa 11:30.

3. I could not love Brett Dennen more. You may not have heard of this sweet ginger but once you listen to his music, you’ll be hooked. His songs are simple, yet powerful. Great upbeat songs that make you want to dance around your living room as well as love songs that tug on your heart strings. Here are two of my favorites.



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