Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy (very chilly) Thursday. I usually don’t mind the winter or the snow but when it’s this cold all I want to do is make a cocoon and not come out until spring. Nevertheless, three thrills this week are….

1. Omg, Shoes. Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere gave some great insight on keeping your shoes looking brand new. For someone who is a shoe lover, taking good care of your shoes only makes sense so you can keep them longer. It just makes your collection more extensive.

2. While I was in Hong Kong last week, the weather was perfect. Sunny and 70s everyday. A taste of spring which was promptly ruined as we landed back in the U.S. Whenever I travel for longer periods of time, I usually opt for a gel manicure so I won’t have to worry about taking time for touch ups, but normally I prefer to do my nails myself. I’ve had a lot of practice and to be honest, when I get a manicure I sometimes leave thinking “I could have done this better myself.” I digress. Anyway, while traveling I opted for a lighter, neutral color that would match anything. Now that I’m back in the arctic.. I’m back to dark. I love this shade, a deep green that alternates between appearing green and black. Stylenomics by Essie.

3. Lastly, how incredible is this adult ball pit?!


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