Snowed In

Happy Monday!

Are you snowed in? We practically are here in Cleveland, except getting “snowed in” in Cleveland just means we delay everything by an hour or two. Crazy to wake up to so much snow when yesterday the sun was shining. I know. Say it with me: sunlight.

This weekend was great. A big group of friends spent our Saturday morning at Skyzone which was hilarious. A bunch of adults catapulting themselves around giant trampolines and foam pits ends up being sheer entertainment. I won’t even get into dodgeball. After that, we met some friends at Townhall for a late lunch and a few libations. If you’ve only partied at Townhall, I suggest strolling in for a meal. One of my favorites.

Yesterday was a few errands followed by crabcakes and The Superbowl. Mostly lots of relaxing and avoidance of the Sunday scaries.

Lots of exciting posts coming up. I’m gearing up for a big trip this weekend so stay tuned!

I’ll be announcing my winner of the Belvoir Handmade giveaway today on Instagram: bliss_and_bellinis so if you entered- keep your eyes peeled!


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