Midweek Giveaway!

With all the snow and cold lately, I wanted to have a little fun this week and do a giveaway. The easiest giveaway you may ever encounter I may add. But let’s talk jewelry first, shall we?

You may remember when I posted an interview with my dear friend, Ashley, the creative mind behind Belvoir Handmade, a while back. I absolutely love her bangles and they mix and match so perfectly together, I literally wear them everywhere. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, now’s your chance to see what all the excitements about….fo’ free!

One lucky winner will win one of these beautiful bangles pictured by simply doing the following:

Rules for Entering
it can’t get much easier)

1. Follow me on Instagram! @annabarnes1 (if you already do, skip to step #2)

2. Tag two friends in the most recent photo!

3. Follow Belvoir Handmade on Instagram! @belvoir_handmade

The giveaway will run until Friday and the winner will be announced via Instagram on Monday! Good Luck!!


5 thoughts on “Midweek Giveaway!

  1. Also – love that the designer went to JCU! I grew up across the street on Meadowbrook and have lots of friends and family members that went there. Definitely will be following this designer. Wishing both of you the best of luck!

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