Holiday Snapshots

Happy Holiday Friday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever you were celebrating, and were able to spend it with loved ones as I was lucky enough to. Just a quick post today as I’ve gotten one of the BEST gifts- a brand new, big girl camera! Finally, B&B can have beautiful photos not from my iPhone! I wanted to give you guys a peak (bear with me, I’m still learning) of a few photos I’ve snapped the past couple of days.

Christmas orchids

Dining room table display (prior to dinner, of course)

Usually we go all out with our tree however, this year my mom kept it stress free with minimal ornaments. (Take down will be a breeeeze!)

This ornament made the tree because I made it! (Thankfully my ornaments I made as a child did not.)

 Our beloved hand-carved Santas

An opening in the presents just large enough for a Christmas cat!

Thankfully, I have a three day weekend so I will be back on Monday. Take care and until next time..


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