Three Thrills by Thursday

It’s Friday eve, friends. Do you have all your holiday shopping done? Hard to believe next Thursday is Christmas! I’m anxiously awaiting some packages to land on my doorstep so they can be wrapped and placed under the tree.

My first thrill this week is a new cocktail I tried this weekend at Velvet Tango Room: A peach shrub. A shrub is a mix of fruit, sugar and surprisingly vinegar. It captures the freshest taste of peach. Think of a fresh bellini with a very slight zing. If you haven’t tried shrubs or VTR, I highly suggest you do so soon. Great atmosphere, live jazz and great cocktails.


My second thrill comes from the upcoming thought that starts to linger in my head around this time of year. What will my new year’s resolution be? This article about becoming a more compelling person may trigger some good thoughts.

Finally, this video. I can’t pretend I maybe didn’t shed a tiny tear while watching this. I have been wanting a puppy so badly and I think these reactions are considered mild compared to what would happen if a puppy was under the tree this Christmas. Thanks, Huffington Post!


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