Three Thrills by Thursday

My first thrill this week is this song from DJ Earworm. Ever since college, my roommate and I would anxiously wait for DJ Earworm to sum up our entire year via music and would listen to it nonstop. We turned a lot of people onto that song because we listened to it all–the–time! Yesterday I saw it trending on Facebook! Ladies and gentlemen, he’s done it again!

My second thrill this week were these beautiful blooms I received on my first day at my new job thanks to my very thoughtful parents.


My third and final thrill this week is of course. Jimmy. By now, you all know my love for Jimmy Fallon. He’s been named Entertainer of the Year (deservingly so!) and he and his wife, Nancy, welcomed their second daughter, Franny, into the world yesterday. In the spirit of the recent holiday and a good mashup, here’s Rashida and Jimmy. (ps. when can my mediocre singing /lyrical genius self be featured on Jimmy?!)

That’s all for today! Until next time..


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