Three Thrills by Thursday

Unless you’ve barricaded yourself inside this week, you (like myself) have come to the realization that it’s here. Winter. Cold, snow, ice. It’s all here. But while the outside is so frightful, like the song says, the fire inside is “so delightful.” Plenty of excuses for hot cocoa, snuggling, heated blankets and the feeling of the Holidays swiftly approaching.  Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner..

1. My first thrill is A Modern Guide to Thanksgiving Etiquette from Plenty of tips from timing and conversation to seating and serving.

2. Buzzfeed released this article about Big Batch Cocktails. For holiday parties I always find it easier to make a huge punch that way no one ends up being bartender all night and mixing drinks. And all of these look fantastic.

3. As you all know I love a good Thursday giggle and remembered this hashtag from Jimmy Fallon last year. I can only hope he brings it back this year!



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