Soothing Stress

Okay, Ryan!!

Stress. Each of us deal with it differently but all of us fall victim to it’s negative side effects. Stress can cause a myriad of problems like: fatigue, trouble sleeping, upset stomach, irritability, over or under-eating, withdrawal, headache and anxiety. (ew!) Not to mention the more serious problems, stress contributes to like high blood pressure, heart disease, etc (double ew!)

Like I said before, everyone deals with stress differently but finding a few different activities to keep you stress free are more important than you may think!

At work:

Listen. Put your earbuds in, pick a playlist and jam out to a song or two.
Watch. View a funny Youtube video or Vines (specifically these) that will give you the giggles. Laughter releases endorphins and decreases levels of adrenaline and cortisol.
Move. Take a walk around the office or the block.
Identify the source of stress. Is it a big project? Would stepping away from it for a few minutes help? Ask a colleague to look over it?
Breathe. A few deep breaths lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Woo sah!

At home:

Exercise. Because “exercise gives you endorphins. And endorphins make you happy!” Do what works best for you, if running relieves stress- run. If it doesn’t, choose another outlet like yoga or Pure Barre.
Phone a friend. Much like Do You Want To Be A Millionaire, phoning a friend and venting can save you. Having a reassuring voice, even for a moment, can help put everything back in perspective.
Eat right. Sometimes a candy bar or junk foods appears to be solution for stress but eating right will help prevent your immune system from becoming vulnerable from stress.
Drink. This could be interpreted in different ways but I’m referring to a cup of green tea. It contains theanine which soothes the nervous system. (Keep a tea bag in your desk, too!)
Attitude. Approaching stress with a positive and  “I can handle this” attitude can lessen stress as opposed to constantly thinking how overwhelmed you are.
Sleep. Make sure you designate time for rest and relaxation. Don’t stay up late binging on Netflix if you’ll regret it the next day.

What are some other ways you deal with stress? If I have the time, a good pedicure always seems to help lower stress levels too 🙂






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