Three Thrills by Thursday

1. As the holidays approach, everyone becomes filled with joy…but it’s the bank accounts that become empty . This article from The Everygirl gives us 5 Simple Ways to Save over the Holidays.

2. Daniel Radcliffe shows off his rap skills on Jimmy Fallon.

3. Lately, I’ve been admiring Alex’s newest hobby of calligraphy- she’s getting so good. I have never been the biggest fan of my own handwriting and the same goes for any attempts at calligraphy of my own. I saw these spooky calligraphy photos over at The Glitter Guide and had to share!

Are you guys ready for halloween? Since we’re too old to trick or treat, I’ll be making a few treats of my own this weekend to share with friends. Stop back tomorrow for an amazing galette recipe that will leave your guests thinking you’re a pro.






[Image via The Everygirl]

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