Seriously Delish Review

Happy Monday, friends!

Ok, so last week I was telling you all about my new Seriously Delish cookbook. I have been a long time follower of the blog, How Sweet Eats and  today I’m “reviewing” the book. And I won’t leave you all in suspense: Seriously Delish is….well, seriously delish.

 I spent the weekend trying a few different recipes, each one was incredible.

Saturday morning, I surprised Prince Charming with this breakfast short rib hash. I normally don’t make big breakfasts for myself but I am certainly glad I took the time to make this dish this weekend. It was a huge hit and practically melts in your mouth.

Later that day, we tried the prosecco-cider spiced punch. After a trip to Patterson’s fruit farm, we had fresh apple cider and you know I can never say no to bubbles- it seemed too good to be true. It was delicious and perfect to sip on during an afternoon of football. Can’t wait to make this for our next girls night!

To go with dinner, I made the roasted maple-balsamic mushrooms with bacon. Also delicious. Sometimes I find balsamic to be a little overpowering but these mushrooms had a great taste and the maple really adds to the fall mood I’ve been in lately.

The extra cherry on top was getting to meet the author, Jessica Merchant, with Alex at a book signing in Hudson yesterday!

Overall, Seriously Delish is a must have! One peek inside and you’ll be raving, like me!

I hope you all had an exciting weekend!


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