Falling into Autumn: A Checklist

Though Cleveland weather is always inconsistent, I believe we may have plunged into fall this week. Even on the warmer days at the beginning of the week, the air had a familiar crispness to it that I haven’t felt since this time last year; giving me that “finally fall” feeling. Fall presents me with this innate desire for mulled cider, the excitement of football games, apple picking, pumpkin carving..I could go on (wait, I actually will in a minute). And if the feeling wasn’t enough, the trees are starting to show their colors and need for air conditioning is no longer. If you couldn’t tell, I really adore this season, I mean look how goofily happy I am with that mini pumpkin (but come on, it is a really cute pumpkin). Today I was daydreaming about all the activities I want to take part in this fall before the snow falls and temperature plummets.

Fall 2014 Checklist

– make mulled cider, not only does it taste great but leaves my apartment smelling like an autumn wonderland
– visit a pumpkin patch/ carve pumpkins
– pick apples
– create a fantastic halloween costume (I missed the opportunity to get dressed up last year!)
– bake pumpkin bread
– corn maze
– attend an OSU football game with my favorite superfan
– find at least one new favorite soup recipe (mmm!)
– host a scary movie marathon (which usually means one scary movie followed by lots of giggling during Hocus Pocus- the ultimate Halloween movie)
– Halloweekends at Cedar Point (practically a rite of passage for Ohioans)
– find a fall festival to attend

What are your favorite fall activities? I’m sure I’m missing some and would love to continue my list!


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