Three Thrills by Thursday

It’s no secret I love Jimmy Fallon. His show keeps me giggling and this clip isn’t a disappointment. The Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine on Jimmy Fallon. (even if you hate it– they’re not too bad to look at!)

Whenever I travel, I like to enjoy what’s local for dinner. Lobster in Maine, Texas barbecue, Crab cakes in Maryland etc. But what about dessert? Fear no more, I present: The United Sweets of America!

If you guys have perused the “My Favs” section (over on the right hand side) you’ll see a few blogs that I love to follow. I am particularly excited because author of How Sweet Eats, Jessica Merchant’s book released this week. Seriously Delish features amazing recipes, all of which I cannot wait to try (and fail miserably at photographing). I’m also excited because I’ll be attending one of her book signings in the upcoming weekends. Go get it now! Your taste buds will thank you later!


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