Three Thrills by Thursday

I don’t know if it’s felt like this for you, but this week has moved at a glacial pace. I am so thankful it’s Thursday and we have a long weekend ahead of us!!

My three thrills for this week are from three blogs I frequent:

1. Glitter Guide’s Guide to Champagne Glasses. It’s no secret I love bubbly and Glitter Guide has some cute and affordable way to serve it!

2. Top 10 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks from The Sorority Secrets are perfect for this busy time of year. These tips are guaranteed to get you out the door in half the time.

3. Southern Curls and Pearl’s tips on How To Take a Good Instagram Photo. Hmm.. I think I may need to invest in a bounce. I love following her Instagram, she really does take great photos!


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