Highlight: Paperless Post


Happy Monday everyone.

Today I want to highlight one of my favorite apps: Paperless Post. I realize this is coming the Monday after I posted about handwritten notes, however, sometimes urgency dictates another vehicle (thank you, technology!) It doesn’t take a lot to let someone know you are thinking of them and a personalized e-card can be a great (and quick) way to do it.

Paperless Post specializes in online invitations and personalized stationary. Though some of the cards do cost “coins” they have a huge category of free cards as well. Many of them allow you to enter your own photo along with message as well. Perfect invites for a dinner party or get together and sweet cards for your loved ones.

I love sending these out to friends on birthdays or special events or even just days when I know they’ll need a little pick me up. Definitely an app worth downloading!


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