Three Thrills by Thursday

My three thrills this week are:

1. If you haven’t heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you may be the only one. For weeks my newsfeed has been filled with videos of people dumping a bucket of ice water on their head. This week I noticed a few posts that really aggravated me. Posts describing people’s annoyance with their newsfeeds being filled with these videos, that completing the challenge will not find a cure for ALS. Maybe it’s my field, but the first step in a mission like this is awareness (duh!). Though this video starts with a bit of comedy, it is sure to convert the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge haters.

2. I always like to say we grow wiser instead of older. There’s something exciting to me about getting older, I enjoy the growth periods. You’re able to learn from your mistakes and in some cases laugh at yourself. This article by The Everygirl highlights how to gracefully grow old with yourself.

3. Finally, this week has really reaffirmed that summer is coming to a close. Before I left for the coast, our weather was very fall-like and other signs such as the return of football, back-to-school sales and even some leaves starting to fall are slowly creeping back. I love summer but I am getting excited for the fall season. Even my Pinterest homepage has been swamped with fall outfits, checklists and activities. What are you looking most forward to this fall?



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