Three Thrills by Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope you’re all getting excited for the weekend, I know I am. Here are my three thrills for this week.

First off, I realize this came out a few weeks ago but this week I’m blogging about it. I have been a fan of Misty Copeland long before she made appearances on So You Think You Can Dance, before her book and certainly before this Under Armour add. Growing up as a ballerina, dancing 6 days a week and eventually making it into a company, I can’t help but cringe when I see things like this Free People line. That poor girl hasn’t had a day of formal dance training and it’s apparent to…well, about the entire world. Bravo to Under Amour for directing the spotlight toward an actual, amazing ballet dancer and finally giving credit to all the hard work us dancers put in. Just because we make it look easy, doesn’t mean it is.

Next, have you visited the Kate Spade Surprise Sale? If you haven’t, HURRY! It’s over tonight at midnight!

Finally, I am still heartbroken over the loss of Robin Williams. From the Genie to Mrs. Doubtfire, he always had me laughing and his more poignant roles were always award worthy. The world will deeply miss him. This clip from Dead Poet’s Society is just a slight reminder that we should always strive to look at things differently.


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