Three Thrills by Thursday

My thrills this week are:

1. This weekend I had my first experience at the Cleveland Flea. We ended up with some great treasures and some delicious crepes–mmm. I was excited to see many Cleveland based vendors that I follow on social media or Etsy and actually get to meet the creators. I can’t wait until the next Flea on August 9.

2. Earlier this week I was in the lovely city of Pittsburgh and was lucky enough to try Mercato for lunch with my friend, Meg. First of all, what could perk up your Monday like a giant meatball (not to mention a delicious meatball!) and some girl talk? And secondly, the side of parmesan mac ‘n’ cheese was equally as delicious. I definitely recommend this place and that you check out the upstairs.

3. I usually make pretty good workout playlists but nothing throws off my cardio groove like a Pandora commercial or an overplayed song. Lately, if I’m not using Fratmusic (yes, that name is serious), I’ve been making playlists of 5 or so 40 minute mixtapes. I love mashups, so these songs change quickly enough to remedy my short attention span. This particular mixtape by The Melker Project is my newest playlist addition.

Also, Bliss & Bellinis now has an official Twitter! You can follow @BlissBellinis on the right side of the page!


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