Pretty Please Nail Polish

My mom and I love the cheeky Essie nail polish names so much that we used to imagine ladies who would come up with them. They’d be sipping fruity drinks, giggling over the color palette, maybe even on a beach somewhere, coming up with clever titles (can I get that job!?). Sometimes I’m convinced to buy even if it’s not a color I’d normally wear just because I like the name. Total Sorority Move published this article about hilarious nail polish names but how great would it be if you could make your own?

Well now you can!

Pretty Please Nail Polish showcases 25 beautiful colors that you can name yourself (you’re responsible for the beach and fruity drink). Perfect for personalized gifts, special occasions, weddings etc., you can buy them individually (starting at only $10) or in bulk. Follow them at @prettypleasegal on Instagram and Twitter!


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