Three..or Four.. Thrills

This week I wanted to share 4 (yes, a bonus!) “thrilling” links that I’ve stumbled upon this week.

Whenever I’m traveling abroad (or domestically) I like to get into some local flavor. If you’re traveling against the clock, how do you determine what are your “must sees?” I just discovered this site which highlights 12 hours in different cities. Even if you’re not traveling, the photos will definitely spark your wanderlust.

With the warm summer sun comes wedding season. Pintrest has expanded the realm of different genre weddings and sometimes the proper attire can feel ambiguous. This article at Rue Daily explains all the different dress codes you may have questions about.

Have you ever wondered how many days old you are? How many breaths you’ve taken? This site will tell you that and much, much more.

I love these rare photos. I am always fascinated by unexpected connections and relationships.

Cheers, everyone!

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