And We’re Back!

I’m back! I’m back! After a nice, long, relaxing weekend I have returned. My weekend was extended when my Monday was also deemed as vacation (woo!) but now I’m back to reality. After soaking up some sun, lots of laughter and family time, I thought I would share some photos of my weekend:

salt fork

We spent the weekend on the water and with a view like that, where else would you rather be?


A summer nightcap: the s’more

And look who was waiting for me when I returned!

tribeLast night, I met my family for a Tribe game. We had a blast and it was great to see my family in from out of town! I’ve never actually had seats this high up at “The Jake” (which is what I will always call it) but it was a great view.

I’m thrilled to be back to B&B!


P.S. Did all of you see the new arrivals at Belvoir Handmade ?! They’re beautiful. GO NOW!!

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