Weekend Rundown

Happy Monday, friends! Did everyone have a good weekend?

This weekend, for me, was the perfect mix of relaxation and on-the-go. Friday was one of my favorite days of the summer. Dave Matthews at Blossom. We stopped at Sarah’s Vineyard for some pre-concert vino and headed over to find a great spot on the lawn to enjoy the music.

(DMB at Blossom)

Saturday, we stopped by the Boston Mills Artfest. I used to go with my parents as a little girl so I enjoy stopping in every year to see all the different artists. It’s over two weekends and if you don’t already have holiday plans this upcoming weekend, I suggest stopping in.

art fest flowers(Blooms at Artfest)

Yesterday afternoon, Prince Charming and I spent the afternoon kayaking. It was great because we got to spend some time outside and it doubled as a great arm workout (well, at least for me).

I’m looking forward to a short week and the holiday weekend- what do all of you have going on this weekend to celebrate the Fourth?


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