Three Thrills By Thursday

First up this Thursday, I’m sure almost all of you have heard Sam Smith’s Stay With Me. I am just waiting for some choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance to choreograph a modern piece in which the judges can call it “so meaningful.” Anyway, I love Whitney and think his cover is sweet and does the song justice.

Secondly, this week there have been lots of little (picturesque) thrills this week. So, I wanted to share:

a) I LOVE peonies. Easily my favorite flower. I love having them all over my apartment!
b) I took my mom, who visited earlier this week, to Jenis. I tried Lemon & Blueberries Frozen Yogurt and Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet. Both of which are perfectly sweet for summer.
c) The Beer wall at B Spot.
d) I caved and bought a new Lilly Pulitzer agenda in Sippin and Trippin. Nothing makes me feel better than organization!

Lastly, I’ve been crushing on blue eyeliner for months now. I love the electric blues but never feel like I can pull it off, especially with brown eyes. My friend brought me some goodies and suggested I try this Smashbox eyeliner in Indigo Ink. EYE LOVE IT (see what I did there?) It’s a good transition into the blues and since it’s a pencil, it’s more subdued than the electric blue liquid liners I’ve been seeing.



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