Back To Reality

My hair has been washed clean, rid of campfire smell and my bikini has been rinsed free of lake water. Although Mother Nature didn’t cooperate the entire time, as they always say “it’s who you’re with, not where you are” (or what the weather’s doing). We had a great time! By the time I arrived Friday evening, Prince Charming already had our tent up and cozy, the grill was fired up and everyone was there!

A little Hudson Bay blanket to make it feel like home

After some fun on the water, s’mores around the campfire (mmm) and lots of giggles, I’m back to reality.

Post-glamping touch up in Essie’s Cute As A Button 

Last night, my mom and brother I never wanted (well..we all know I’m an only child so clearly he’s not my brother but may as well be…and I guess he’s not so bad :)) came to visit. Neither had ever been to B Spot so before he flys back to Philly, we all headed over to Eton for dinner. I ordered the Lola burger which was deee-licious. Well done once again, Michael Symon.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!


One thought on “Back To Reality

  1. Monday trivia: A little known, and largely undervalued, fact is that O’Brien is the most streamlined tuna in the entire lake.


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