Three Thrills by Thursday

1. On Monday, my friend Lauren and I decided to dine at the Legacy Village Food Truck lunch. It was a nice day and clearly the trucks and Legacy Village didn’t anticipate such a large turnout. The lines were incredibly long so Lauren and I eventually decided to split up so we could try a few different options. Sadly, the trucks ran out of many dishes we wanted to try (still upset about the lobster mac-n-cheese) but we finally made it up to The Orange Trük. We got to split their rosemary sea salt fries and “Trük Balls.” Yes, I know Trük Balls need an explanation so here it is. They’re delicious risotto balls stuffed with cheese (MMM!) rolled in Panko and served crispy, topped with TrükSauce. Both were delicious but the Trük Balls were a definite winner.

truk balls

2. I am still obsessed with my Belvoir Handmade bangles and have been getting so many compliments on them. If you didn’t catch it yesterday, there’s a code for 15% off your order if placed by Friday. Jewelry on sale? Doesn’t get much better than that!

3. As my best friend, Alex and I have discovered, there are not many occasions more joyous in life than belting Celine Dion at the top of your lungs. Even though this is just a lipsync, I give this guy an A+ for theatrics and creativity for being stuck in the Vegas airport all night.

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