Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend was filled with a Whole Foods 5×7, a quick but wonderful trip to my hometown and two sunny days with the best of friends. I couldn’t begin to guesstimate the amount of laughter shared this weekend. It’s going to be a great summer!

Saturday morning, before I ventured back to my hometown, I took a few minutes to “zen out” with a delicious cup of mint tea on my balcony. The only thing that made it even better was the sweetest graduation gift from my roomie, Genna. This little manatee holds your tea while making your cup a mini manatee hot tub.

I hope everyone took some time out of their weekend to give thanks to the brave men and women that serve our great country, they are truly America’s heroes.


This week I’m learning about all the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, I’ll be posting my findings- stay tuned!



4 thoughts on “Whirlwind Weekend

  1. What a brilliant photo! It must have been a pretty gifted photographer to capture that mana”tea” in it’s natural habitat

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