Three Thrills

After graduation festivities this past weekend, my mom stayed with me an extra night so we could have a girls day on Monday. Since my mom was out west enjoying sunny Arizona on Mother’s Day, I took her to one of my favorite places for a belated Mother’s Day lunch, L’Albatros. Since college, this has been one of my very favorite places in Cleveland, along with Zach Bruell’s other restaurants. Not only was it a great day to sit outside and lunch with my mom, we each got an amazingly fresh salad and split a roasted vegetable and goat cheese pizza. It was fabulous. I still am dreaming about it.

How good does this look?

Speaking of tasty treats. Many of us east siders who don’t work downtown are jealous of Walnut Wednesdays and the myriad of food truck options for lunch…but now we’re in luck! Legacy Village will now be hosting Food Truck Mondays, which will begin June 9. At least 8 different food trucks will be in attendance and there will be live music.

Finally, if your week is less than thrilling and you need a pick me up other than the phrase “tomorrow’s Friday” then I suggest you look at this Buzzfeed: 26 Things That Will Turn Your Bad Day Around in an Instant.

Remember, not only is tomorrow Friday, but it’s a three day weekend!


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