“Mastering” the Weekend

What a whirlwind of a weekend but the past few days have been absolutely wonderful.

On Friday, a big group of friends met downtown to head to the Indian’s game only to find a drizzly 50 degree evening (it’s Cleveland-so no one was surprised…). We never ended up making it to the game but spending time with this group really made my night. I love them all so much!

Saturday- After what seemed to be a million of errands (which included a trip to Whole Foods to find a gigantic bunch of Peonies—my favorite) we joined a few friends at Felice. I hadn’t been to Felice prior to this dinner party but it certainly did not disappoint. Located over on Larchmere, Felice boasts an “American- Spanish- and World influenced cuisine” and is in a charming house with three floors and a beautiful patio. With 7 of us, a myriad of appetizers and entrees, we got to try a good portion of the menu and —wow. We were all raving. This is definitely a place to check out; I know I’ll be going back.

And probably the biggest event…

It’s official. As of yesterday, I graduated from my Master’s program.

Here’s a photo of my friends in our program. I am so excited to follow each and every one of these talented people to see where they end up. It’s been a crazy two years but this bunch has been the greatest group of classmates and friends to go through it all with. All of us are Guinness Record Breakers, published authors, and now masters! Woo!

I feel so blessed I got to spend my graduation day with people I love the most, I am still bursting with excitement!!


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  1. Dave Olinger
    May 19, 2014 / 9:23 am


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