Three Thrills by Thursday

Three thrills from my week so far..

1. Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working on the Goodtime III to shoot a commercial. It was a gorgeous afternoon and only got a little cloudy for a few minutes which is when I snapped this picture, but I love it.  And who says we don’t have a good skyline?!

2. We finally got a taste of some summer weather this week and that means one of my very favorite things is right around the corner: Farmers’ Markets. I love being able to buy fresh fruits, veggies and flowers- and support our local farmers! Growing up in a small town, the market was early on Saturday morning, but luckily there are a ton in Cleveland to accommodate your schedule. This list is divided by region to determine what’s closest to you. Though many don’t begin until June, there are a select few that are already up and running!

3. An epic lip sync battle between Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon. Okay, I know many of you have probably seen this and it isn’t necessarily from this week…but I missed this episode and I love it. I have been giggling over it all week. There was no debate on who won because Emma blew him out of the water but definitely great song choices by both. Speaking of, is anyone else obsessed with Fancy or Iggy Azalea in general.. or is that just me?


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