Three Thrills by Thursday

So I’ll admit it. Many weeks I find myself pining for the weekend and overlooking potentially exciting things. So, every Thursday, I’ll be posting three “thrills” from the week so far..

This week is particularly thrilling for me because I’ve officially finished all my work for my graduate program, which means I’m just a week out from graduation. Woo!

Okay, first up is Coldplay’s new song Sky Full of Stars. I am loving this song and cannot wait for their new album, Ghost Stories, which releases May 19. Mostly, I can’t get over Chris Martin’s dancing on SNL, it’s too good….aaaaand may or may not resemble my own moves when I’m alone in my apartment.

The second thrill this week is this new article:
Future Feasts: Cleveland’s 12 Most Anticipated Spring and Summer Bar and Restaurant Openings by Cleveland Scene. Since I’m not entirely sure where this job search is going to take me, I’m hoping these pop up ASAP so I can try them all. Here are a few highlights that caught my eye…

A. I loved Sergio’s and the venue itself is a renovated home; it’s so quaint, perfect for Northern Italian cuisine.

B. Jonathon Sawyer needs no introduction in this town because, “like if you haven’t been to Noodlecat or Greenhouse Tavern, like who even are you?” (–Note: Since we’re still getting to know each other, you should know I occasionally speak in ridiculous/sarcastic/giggly tones and accents. To my friends, well… you know how I said that..) Anyway, when I interned on a local morning show in college, I had the best time working with him when he’d do a cooking segment. He is beyond nice and would occasionally bring his wife and daughter to the station too; they are as equally as cool.


Butcher and the Brewer
Despite the infinite amount of ‘grammed photos of East Fourth, part of me still gets excited when I walk down the lit street at dusk. Butcher and the Brewer will house a 10-barrel brewery, speakeasy and the menu will feature “entrees built around veggies, meat and seafood.” We can’t forget the charcuterie and CHEESE!

Grove Hill
I love Chagrin Falls and the menu description in the article was just too much for me to handle. Hoping for an “early summer opening” puts it on my radar for a possible birthday dinner location. And speaking of Chagrin Falls…

The last thrill this week is this photo I took while indulging at my favorite ice cream joint, Jenis. If you have yet to experience the bliss that is Jenis, I suggest you do so immediately. After I was informed my regular Cherry Lambic Sorbet is on “vacation” I decided to try two new flavors: Goat Cheese & Cherry (YUM!) and Reisling Poached Pear Sorbet. My good friend Lauren also tried the Goat Cheese then opted for some Salted Caramel… so a switch-and-taste was necessary. The fresh flowers on the tables were practically begging for a photo-op… how could I say no?


It’s almost Friday! Cheers!



P.S. Can you tell I love a good alliteration?


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